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Review of Jonathan Goldman’s book: Healing Sounds – The Power of Harmonics

A question that I am holding is the relationship of the colors from the spectral analysis of the elements to established sound and color healing research. I have started a search of the literature related primarily to sound and healing. I find it fascinating that the work on sound has so many facets. As I looked at all of the choices for books to read, I let my intuition guide my initial book choices. Over the next few entries I will examine these books. I am just beginning this journey. As part of my process, I will review the books that I read and add the questions that stem from my literature review.

Jonathan Goldman is a researcher in sound and healing. His work spans 30 years and it is humbling to see how much research and actual work he has accomplished. The first of his books that I chose is “Healing Sounds – The Power of Harmonics.” This is his first book and it has been reissued several times as the information is just as prescient today as it was when it was first written in 1992.

There are two very important concepts presented in this book. The first is: FREQUENCY + INTENTION = HEALING. In his overview of different history and systems of using sound, there are a variety of paradigms. However, when intention is part of the work, there is a significant change in the outcome. Machines can create tones, though Goldman emphasizes that our intention is part of the process. The second concept is: VOCALIZATION + VIZUALIZATION = MANIFESTATION. Here the importance of having a clear inner picture is necessary in order to create the outcome. He supports this from a variety of cultures, shamanism, aboriginal cultures, mystery schools and other groups who have focused their attention and intention on healing.

The first part of the book is centered on a review of the cultural history of healing and the importance of sound in these traditions. It is also a survey of different methods of sound therapies, meditation and techniques. The book is valuable in this aspect as it becomes clear that Goldman has done extensive research about the genesis as well as the practice of using sound, primarily from our voices, as a healing modality.

Goldman points out that he found it confusing that similar mantras would be used to heal different chakra points and that there were a variety of systems that were often contradictory. Yet, all seemed to have positive results. Intent and visualization were key components to all of the healing modalities.

The second part of the book focuses on techniques for making vocal harmonics. A significant aspect is the work with the chakras. Various chakra toning systems are presented along with Goldman’s method. Every book that I have read, up to this point, has concentrated on the chakras. The power of the human voice is the most important aspect of this part of the book. I started a daily toning period as part of my routine. Though I am not going to report about it right now, I have definitely seen a positive change in my mental and physical state.

Where I go from here is still an open question. I am ending this post with a quote from Jonathan Goldman that expresses how to approach this realm of study. It sets the stage for a major paradigm shift in the world of healing and for global consciousness.

“The more I teach and experience and share my work/play with sound, the less and less I understand. In fact, it seems like I’ve been downloading information from my left brain for quite a while now. I was once a walking encyclopedia on sound healing, but I’m not that interested anymore. I just don’t have much use for a lot of information because what I was trying to do a while ago was put everything into systems—into boxes—and sacred sound does not seem to want to be placed in boxes. I believe this is because systems and boxes are self-limiting and we’re at the point in our evolution where we don’t need to be limited by anything.”

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