Joy Gardner’s: Vibratonal Healing

crystalJoy Gardner: Vibrational Healing through the Chakras

Joy Gardner’s “Vibrational Healing through the Chakras with Light, Color, Sound, Crystals and Aromatherapy” (Crossing Press, Berkeley: 2006) was the first book I read about healing modalities in our contemporary society. Gardner has combined 30 years of study, experience and exploration in a comprehensive overview. Each section of the book integrates a review of literature and Gardner’s experience applying the healing modality with clients.

What appeals to me about this work is the recognition that we are all unique and Joy Gardner shies away from absolutes. She is very clear that what works for her, is her resonance with the stones or techniques and each practitioner needs to find their own truth in the process. Gardner gives clear instructions on how she approaches the different techniques and then gives examples from her own experience. She shows how having a clear intent and having a person who is receptive to this healing, is the key for success.

The book is full of information and rather than give a synopsis of all of the systems, here is one highlight. A primary focus of my study is using sound. The process of using tone, our voice and instruments is one of the most ancient methods of healing. Our voices are ideas put to expression. On page 119 Gardner writes:

The way the Australian Aborigines understand (or understood) reality is that energy ordinarily moves very fast. But when it gets an idea, it slows down. When it slows down considerably, it comes into physical manifestation.

The word is the bridge between energy and material manifestation. Energy becomes sound, and sound transports us into material reality……

This is a picture of how intent combined with vocalization creates a change in reality.

We tend to think of ourselves and the world as a solid place. Physics gives this picture of the atom. Imagine the nucleus of a Helium atom being the size of a grain of rice. The extent of the first energy shell would be outside of a major league football stadium. The two electrons could be anywhere within the stadium including inside of the nucleus. When this is extrapolated out to our bodies, we are 99.999% empty space. This means that we are really an electromagnetic vibrational being that is quite empty. Jonathan Goldman gives the image of the healthy body as a symphony orchestra. Gardner provides a variety of methods for helping the body to stay in tune by entraining it with the resonant frequencies of aromas, crystals, sound and light.

Joy Gardner’s book surveys all of the vibrational healing tools currently available to us today. I am quite happy that I was guided into reading this book for an introduction into the healing work or our era. It is humbling and exciting to know all of the possibilities for bringing the planet and humanity back into resonance for health and harmony.

As I have continued on my work with the Music of the Periodic Table I wondered how to apply the tones. Joy Gardner provided an opportunity to explore the uses of these specific frequencies. About a month ago, just before my trip to Maui, I received an email from Joy asking if I had done the tones for Selenium. I hadn’t, though I was in the process of doing some other recording and I went back to analyze this element. She determined that Selenium would help her fingernails, two of which tend to crack and split. As an experiment, she listened to and toned along with each of the tones of Selenium recording of the tone palette for two weeks.

We met up for a walk and lunch by the ocean and she showed me the fingernails. They had healed and there was just a hint of the residual crack at the tip of the nails. This openness and ability to look at new systems and integrate them into her knowledge is reflected in her writing in the book. Joy Gardner is one of those rare individuals who can study and find the essence of a wide variety of forms used for vibrational healing. This book documents the research and methods that exist and also leaves open the possibility to modify them based upon the experience and intuition of the practitioner.

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