The Human Elements


After what seems like an inordinate amount of time, I have finished working through the elements of the human body. The question now is what to do with this body of work? Or is it, work of the body? While traveling in Europe the summer before last visiting a dear family friend, her partner listened to the ideas behind the project and said, “Oh, Art!” That certainly helped to put this all in perspective. If it is not full of art, then it is probably missing the point. The initial idea to make a scale of the earth has transformed into turning the electromagnetic colors of the elements into individual element scales. Played together, they are not too consonant, but internally, many of the colors are internally harmonious.

Now is a time for forming a small ensemble and doing some recordings that highlight the quality of the amazing light harmonics. I am interested to see if I can communicate this new scale system to a group of musicians who have not the slightest idea how to put these tones into a traditional context. I will certainly keep you posted to when I have the next phase started.

Here are some of the most important things I have learned while following this thread of inspiration:

  • Our entire world is vibrating and hence everything an has an electro-magnetic interaction.
  • That means we are constantly exchanging our energy with everything around us.
  • Consciousness extends minimally to the cellular level and most likely to the molecular.
  • First Nation religion extends this to what we consider inanimate. I agree.
  • Healing is the process of removing hindrances.
  • Vibrational healing with crystals, aroma, ceremony, sound, light, tinctures, touch, all are different vibrational modalities that accomplish bringing the organism back into balance.
  • The first thing the earth does when it has been harmed is begin healing. This includes bringing plants and microorganisms to the site of harm to begin the process. Gaia employs a sophisticated vibrational skill.
  • Likes attract. Focusing on what you want to see will attract what you consciously work on. I am trying to figure out how to apply this given the current trends.
  • Love harmonically brings living systems into balance.

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