Tones of Lead

This is the last element in this series that I am analyzing. Lead, Pb, (plumbum-Latin), element 82 is the second heaviest stable element. It is soft, malleable, blue-white element that tarnishes quickly in moist air to a dark grey. It may be the first metal that was ever smelted at approximately 7,000 BCE. The Wikipedia article was quite interesting the perspective of history, qualities and toxicity.

It was established as toxic in the late 1800’s and is quickly integrated if ingested or inhaled. Basically, lead is toxic to every system of the body, especially the nervous system, though it is incorporated into various enzymes and mimics the elements it is supplanting causing biological havoc.

Alchemy is the oldest and first of the 7 metals of alchemy. It is related to redemption and transformation. Saturn’s metal is lead. It symbolizes contraction, stability, structure and materialism. Again, there are many aspects of the alchemical qualities and as a start; this is an article that was well written.

Lead Scale

Lead Soundscape