Dancing Particles in the Key of Hydrogen

hydrogen spectrum

Rumi in the Key of Hydrogen

Hydrogen, the most abundant element, the lightest known element, the element that is in every part of our body is the framework for this composition. As I work with the tones from the elements, I find a beautiful consonance between the colors. It is quite mind bending to step out of my experience with tuning based upon 440 Hertz and the equal tempered tuning of the piano, and, into tones that are vibrating from, into, with, the world around us.

My intent is to create music that is healing for us and for the planet. As I held this intent I wondered how I could approach combining tones from the elements and words. The human voice and words add so much to music. I have decided to begin with the Poetry of Rumi as rendered by Coleman Barks. This is my first attempt as I find my voice and merge it with the tones of the colors.

Let me know what you think.

Dancing Particles in the key of Hydrogen