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Blog Post 1: December 4, 2013

Music of the Periodic Table, what is it? Years ago when looking at the nature of matter, it became clear that all matter is in motion and hence, is vibrating. Vibration creates a tone or a light or any number of wave forms that go by a variety of names: x-rays, gamma rays, radio waves, microwaves, sound waves, and many more. This launched me on a search to find the tones of elements. I wrote to many famous physicists to ask if this was possible. I can honestly say that I have been blown off by some very well know scientists and I still did not find out how this would work.

Now, my father was a physicist and whenever I asked him about my quest, he responded in a similar manner. However, a few months before he died, I changed my question to, “How can I learn more about physics?” He was just shy of his 91st birthday, still working a professor emeritus, advising graduate students and doing research.

I pulled down a few textbooks from his shelf and started to page through them. Suddenly he pulled the book I was holding from my hands and went back a dozen pages and there was a picture of the spectral fingerprint of Hydrogen with the measurement in Ångstroms and in Hertz. An Ångstrom is a measure of a wave that is 10-10 meters per cycle and Hertz are measured in the number of cycles per second.

My initial imagination was that each element would have a tone and there would be a scale of 88 or so notes (the number of stable element) creating a progression of tones. But now here was something else, a picture of the elements as a rainbow of colors. Reading Joy Gardner’s book on “Vibrational Healing through the Chakras,” there is a reference to someone who has identified individual elemental tones. More on that subject as my research develops.

My father had initially told me that the nature of atoms was too complex to describe as a single tone and now here was a phenomenon that showed a picture in light, of this complexity. Each element has its own unique spectral fingerprint. This is how astrophysicists can determine the composition of stars.

This blog is where I will share my insights into the tone and light of the elements. My intent is to add to the body of knowledge in the realm of healing with vibration.

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