Tones of Potassium


Potassium is the 19th element. It is a soft silvery metal easily cut with a knife. Its density is less than water and it floats, however, it is so reactive that it spontaneously catches fire when it touches water, burning with a purple flame. It is one of the most highly reactive elements and is not found in a pure state. All cells use potassium and it is an essential element for life. Because it oxidizes upon contact with dry air, it must be stored under oil.

potassium violetflames

Like Lithium, the visible light spectra are very limited. Lithium has one primary color and Potassium has two. Red and violet are the colors of Potassium. When a salt of potassium is burned, it changes the color of the flame to purple.

potassium burning

This soundscape of potassium represents the two colors from its spectra. This piece takes the 2 notes and plays them together in 3 octaves. The beginning of the improv is just the 6 notes played together layering them in till all are resonating simultaneously.

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