Atomic Tones – Healing Fields

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After a few months away from publishing, I am excited to return to the Web Log of my exploration of vibrations and their power to heal. This post inaugurates a new, rebuilt site where all of the work is accessible from one place. Now the periodic table with the tones and colors for those who want to see the specifics is on an individual tab and my musings about how it all interconnects is on its own page. I’ll be working and refining the site as I integrate the different aspects of this project.


Last February, while on Maui, I was given a copy of Frank Wilczek and Betsy Devine’s book, “Longing for the Harmonies: Themes and Variations from Modern Physics.” And though they would be somewhat or even greatly aghast that they were being quoted in such a venue, I find some of their work quite fascinating. Having grown up with a physicist and witnessing the apparent lack of resonance with the spiritual aspects of the world, I get a bit shy using some of their observations to support the research that I am doing. That said, on page 17 Wilczek and Devine write:

 “When a substance is heated and radiates light into empty space, we see a flame, or emission, spectrum. When the same substance is kept cold, it tends to absorb exactly the same pure colors it radiates when hot. In each case, energy flows between light and matter, from the hotter to the colder stuff. The bright lines of emission and the dark lines of absorption both indicate that certain colors of light exchange energy with a given substance more readily than do others.

When I read this, I literally had to pause to consider how much these few lines affected my perception. This seemed to indicate that matter is breathing light, out-when excited, and, in-when resting. Extending that observation, we are beings of light and breathe in and out specific colors based upon our physical, mental and spiritual composition. Each person, plant, animal, mineral has its own specific resonance with light. Therefore, what we do, eat, think, creates a resonance with light that is who we are.


Another fascinating aspect of this work is how physicists are no longer looking at the world through the eyes of Newton. On page 163 Wilczek and Devine say:

“The Newtonian picture of a world populated by many, many particles, each with an independent existence, has been replaced by the field picture of a world permeated with a few active media. We live amid many interpenetrating fields—one for photons, one for electrons, and so forth—each filling space. The laws of motion, in field language, are rules for flows in this ocean. …”

And on page 162:

“…[F]ields that can take on a self-regenerating life of their own must surely be included as independent entries in the inventory of reality.”

Here the work of physics is showing that we are really interacting fields rather than discrete entities. What stands out is the quality of self-regenerating fields. Our bodies are many fields working in harmony with each other. Liver, kidney, heart, lung fields work together to provide life. Dissonance within any of the fields creates the dis-ease or disonance. The work with crystals, aroma, plant essences, toning and other vibrational tools help to create resonances within the field dynamics of the body. These resonances literally retune the body. See the work of Joy Gardner and Jonathan Goldman for current research in this area.

Interestingly, the physicist shies away from including consciousness as a part of the field dynamics. It appears that the field of consciousness is too erratic to be included in repeatable experiments, and hence, must be eliminated from any theory of the dynamics of the world. Consciousness is just not respectable! Ironically, clear intent has the power to manifest change in the field and change our physical reality. Ted Andrews writes about this in Sacred Sounds: Magic and Healing Through Words and Music. Those individuals who are looking for a “unified field theory” that incorporates the “Newtonian” physical dynamics and the “quantum” atomic dynamics will eventually need to account for the subtle, yet powerful field of consciousness.


The final inference from the book is that the Photon and the Electron are integrally related. It may even be that they are different manifestations of the same field disturbance. Light is matter and matter is light. This holds true for all aspects of the physical world – “animate” and “inanimate.” The teachings of the First Nation shaman tell us that there is light and consciousness within the plants and minerals and other sentient beings of the earth. Stephen Harrod Buhner also speaks of how using our heart as a receptor and transmitter we can communicate at this different vibrational frequency.

At some point in our development we will be able to heal ourselves through intent, sound and harmonics. All three are different aspects of our physical vibration. The light from the elements is clear, specific and stable. By integrating these frequencies we can help heal and maintain the proper resonance of our bodies.

As I continue the light and sound analysis of the elements, you can follow the progress of the research and my musings from my reading, on this website / weblog.

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