Lithium Revisited

lithium-periodic table

I am coming back to revisit an element that I examined very early in the process of learning about the color of the spectra from individual materials. Lithium, is predominantly green, though it has orange, red and infrared in its fingerprint.

I now understand that the colors are emitted by electrons as they return to a resting state after being excited by photons. Each element sparkles uniquely, though like fireworks, there can be many smaller and less predictable colors formed. The colors I use, are the ones that shine persistently. In addition, everything that I thought that I knew about electrons is in question. If you really press a physicist, they will need to admit that the electron’s path is not really known. It could travel to ends of the universe and back. Most likely, it is not in an orbit around a nucleus, but rather playing with other electrons in a field of energy.


The electron could be flowing between you and me. It could be spending part of the day with a healing plant and bringing that vibration back to you. It could be moving around your body in a dance of color and vibration. Plant, mineral, animal are bathed in electrons. They create the colors of the spectra that these tones echo. As sentient beings, let’s not get stuck in the Newtonian mechanistic view of the universe. For, we are not machines.

Our perceptions are actually resonances of vibrational fields that don’t express themselves as angles, numbers or vectors. Color is just a small piece of what we perceive. Our body is the most sensitive transmitter and receiver; nothing built today rivals the body’s sensitivity. Re-membering our heart intelligence is the educational task of our time in order to understand what we are perceiving and re-connecting ourselves back to the energetic field that is our home.

This reconnection will intuitively lead us to solutions that our compartmentalized mode of thinking has manifest. As we learn to use our heart as a receptor, the brain then takes on its proper function of connection memories and perceptions with the field perception of our whole environment. We can then make decisions based upon the entire field of existence rather than on individual parts. GMO crops, vaccines and other developments will naturally seem antithetical to what nourishes, heals and brings balance.

lithium salt burning

Lithium is a balancing element. It is lighter than water and is the lightest of all of the metals. It is easily cut and is silvery in its sheen. Like other metals in its class it is not found in a pure form as it actively combines with other elements. In its pure form, it makes hydrogen gas when it comes into contact with water; it oxidizes and forms a white coating when in contact with air; it floats on water and oil; it must be stored in a hydrocarbon such as petroleum jelly if one wants to keep it in a pure state; its salts burn a crimson red; it is a flammable metal burns with a bright white flame and it can’t be put out with water, carbon-dioxide, or nitrogen as it burns quite well with these mediums; it was only isolated in the last century.

lithium burning

The lithium scale begins with infrared as the lowest tone, moves through red, orange and green. Green is the dominant color in this element, though the others are also clearly present.

This is a small segment of all of the tones played together.

The lithium soundscape incorporates all of the tones with an improvisation.