World Sound Healing Day

Ripples waves beeFebruary 14, 2014 is the 12th annual World Sound Healing Day. It is a chance to join with others to send a healing heart tone to entrain our thoughts with Gaia. The link is and is a chance to set aside some time to create a coherent wave of intention and healing.

The three points of focus are: Heal our Planet; Heal our Waters; and Raise our Consciousness. As I wrote in the last blog entry, INTENTION is a key factor in all healing and an important aspect of this day.

As I write this I hear my father’s voice asking for something that can be “proved, demonstrated, repeated, explained.” I am reminded of a small piece I read years ago while studying anthropology. Lyall Watson, an ethnologist, wrote about the “Hundredth Monkey” effect of when there is a critical mass of consciousness, that consciousness spreads beyond the local area. The story goes that a monkey on a Japanese island began washing sweet potatoes. Eventually all of the monkeys in her clan were washing sweet potatoes and then the practice spread to neighboring clans. When there was a critical mass of individuals, the practice of washing food spread to other islands in the region. Watson made this statement after an informal investigation. Some have claimed that the story is fabricated and barely plausible given their follow up on the story. Lyall, an author of over twenty books, admitted as much but said from his work and his intuition that the story still made sense.

There are many examples of consciousness changing from events or actions. Mostly people document ‘mass hysteria’ as it makes good ‘copy’. There are quite a number of events that range from laughing hysteria, the fear based Salem Witch Trials, and activities from the mundane to the bizarre. There are also mass shifts in consciousness after traumatic events such as: 9-11, hurricanes or earthquakes where people open their hearts and their interactions in highly positive actions. Consciousness entrainment doesn’t need to be trauma or hysteria, it can be a positive and intentional act and this can have a significant impact on our individual and collective consciousness.

Years ago I was in Washington DC during the anti-Vietnam War protests. We were angry; the police were angry; the tension was palpable. Some time later when I reflected back on that time I realized that the energy of the protesters was not much different than the energy of the police. We were both ‘feeding the beast’ so to speak. The beast lives on this kind of energy. When our energy goes towards positive and constructive change the negativity of the beast ‘starves’ as it has nothing to live on. One can proactively make change and focus positive energy on our thoughts and actions. Higher vibrational energy can entrain lower vibrational energy.

The reason I tell the story is to better show the nature of World Sound Healing Day on February 14th. Here is an opportunity to bring a higher level of vibration to the world as a community. It has been demonstrated that hearts entrain when near each other. Vibration also entrains other vibrations, bringing coherence from random action. When looking at Internet sites that focus on injustice in banking, health care, energy, food and freedom, among other things, what we find in these sites is the predominance of fear. Fear creates an incoherent waveform that disturbs thinking, feeling and action. However our world tends to bring coherence from chaos. An example is how a storm in the South Pacific will create random impulses of energy. These incoherent impulses entrain as they travel thousands of miles toward a shoreline creating beautiful, coherent and regular waves, which incidentally are great for surfing.  If there were not this force, the vibrational coherence of plants, animals and other life forms would cease to exist. Gaia, the earth’s life force, is similar in how it manifests on this plane of existence.

World Sound Healing Day is a chance to change the incoherent waveforms of fear and mistrust and bring ourselves back into resonance with the earth consciousness. Gaia is very good about bringing waveforms into balance and we can align with and amplify this capacity. Check out the website and see what you think.

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