An exploration of the vibrational qualities of the physical world by Mark Stephen John.

Lithium Revisited

lithium-periodic table

I am coming back to revisit an element that I examined very early in the process of learning about the color of the spectra from individual materials. Lithium, is predominantly green, though it has orange, red and infrared in its fingerprint.

I now understand that the colors are emitted by electrons as they return to a resting state after being excited by photons. Each element sparkles uniquely, though like fireworks, there can be many smaller and less predictable colors formed. The colors I use, are the ones that shine persistently. In addition, everything that I thought that I knew about electrons is in question. If you really press a physicist, they will need to admit that the electron’s path is not really known. It could travel to ends of the universe and back. Most likely, it is not in an orbit around a nucleus, but rather playing with other electrons in a field of energy. (more…)

Fascinating Aspects of Magnesium


Magnesium is the 12th element in the periodic table. Again I continue to find fascinating aspects of the elements. What truly surprised me was the structure of hemoglobin and chlorophyll. Their basic structures are identical except for Iron is in the center of hemoglobin and Magnesium is in the center of chlorophyll. The outer structures differ and this illustration notes the similarities. Magnesium is essential for human metabolic processes and is needed for over 300 biological processes. (more…)

Tones of Potassium


Potassium is the 19th element. It is a soft silvery metal easily cut with a knife. Its density is less than water and it floats, however, it is so reactive that it spontaneously catches fire when it touches water, burning with a purple flame. It is one of the most highly reactive elements and is not found in a pure state. All cells use potassium and it is an essential element for life. Because it oxidizes upon contact with dry air, it must be stored under oil. (more…)

Tones of Calcium

Calcium-3 rsc

Calcium, the 20th element, is essential in the life of a cell. Calcium ions move in and out of the cytoplasm and act as a signal for metabolic processes. Bones, teeth, shells, limestone, dolomite, quick lime for cement, the formation of stalagmites and stalactites are all calcium-based materials. (more…)

Tones of Hydrogen


Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. It is estimated that 90% of all matter is hydrogen. It has interesting qualities that make it a unique element on our material plane. Its name comes “from the Greek words hydro (water), and genes (forming). Hydrogen was recognized as a distinct substance by Henry Cavendish in 1776.” “Although pure hydrogen is a gas, we find very little of it in our atmosphere. Hydrogen gas is so light that, uncombined, hydrogen will gain enough velocity from collisions with other gases that they will quickly be ejected from the atmosphere. On earth, hydrogen occurs chiefly in combination with oxygen in water, but it is also present in organic matter such as living plants, petroleum, coal, etc. It is present as the free element in the atmosphere, but only less than 1 ppm by volume. The lightest of all gases, hydrogen combines with other elements — sometimes explosively — to form compounds.”  (Los Alamos Laboratory) (more…)

Heart – Healing – Oxygen


One of the joys of writing and researching for a blog is the ability to follow a muse or take a tangent only to be delighted on how applicable it is to my current work. While participating in an equinox gathering at Serpent Mound in the non-glaciated part of southern Ohio, I met an individual studying herbal medicine. She highly recommended the work of Stephen Harrod Buhner. Initially, I didn’t see how this related, but never the less, I looked up his work. Before I knew it, I had ordered from the author, “The Secret Teachings of Plants: The Intelligence of the Heart in the Direct Perception of Nature”  and “The Transformational Power of Fasting: The Way to Spiritual, Physical, and Emotional Rejuvenation.” (more…)

Tones of Selenium


Selenium is an essential trace element in our bodies. Its name comes from the Greek word Selênê (Moon). It is also able to convert the sun’s energy directly into electricity and was one of the first elements used in photovoltaic panels. Selenium is used by our bodies in a number of proteins primarily helping cell health and as an anti-oxidant and for glutathione synthesis for liver health.  Thyroid function, nail health, and, a few claim that our mental and emotional capacity is enhanced with this element. In my previous post, I mentioned how Joy Gardner ( used the tones from selenium to help with a problem with her nails. Maybe in the future, I will give details of how she worked with these tones. (more…)

Science, Sound and Healing


Galactic Fields

The past eight months has taken me into a wide range of studies from physics to farming. All of them had on one level or another recognized vibration as an integral part of our world. We are and our world is vibration. I have also encountered this character who goes by the surname of Science. After reading about what Mr. Science was proclaiming I began to take a dislike to this guy. I grew up with the idea that science was an objective process for gleaning the relationships of the world. My father, a nuclear physicist, often touted the glories of this process. However, as I read, I come across something quite different than the ideal. Rather than an objective, inquisitive, open investigation there is Mr. Science. (more…)

Tones of Water

Contrast-Sample copyThe quality of water permeates every aspect of our physical, emotional and spiritual world. Two elements, Hydrogen and Oxygen, the 1st and 8th elements from the periodic table join. Two gases join and create the framework for our lives. How interesting that a compound that is in a liquid state creates a framework, yet it is a true framework. Without the quality and capacity of water to carry out the functions of life, everything as we know it would cease to exist. One can find many facts about water. A three-day-old fetus is 94% water, a newborn 75% and an adult is about 65% water. The older we get, the lower the percentage of our water content. Water is one of the few compounds that exists in all three states of solid, liquid and gas. Water has a great capacity to hold heat and is one of the primary mechanisms for regulating our body’s heat and the heat balance of our earth. Water is known as a ‘universal solvent’ and dissolves more substances than any other compound. There are some substances that are hydrophobic and resist dissolution with water such as fats and oils, yet water can carry them in solution. This is a critical part of how nutrients are carried through our body. Yet, there is more. (more…)

Sacred Sounds


Sacred Sounds: Magic and Healing through Words and Music by Ted Andrews (Llewellyn Publications, 1992. 16th Edition 2013)

Sound in our world is constantly “toning us.” I recorded some of the sounds of a home and found the blower was 221 Hz, one hertz sharp of A below middle C. This tone when brought up 43 octaves correlates with orange light. These vibrations affect our electro-magnetic bodies and are all around us. Sound and vibration can be positive or negative or neutral. (more…)

Joy Gardner’s: Vibratonal Healing

crystalJoy Gardner: Vibrational Healing through the Chakras

Joy Gardner’s “Vibrational Healing through the Chakras with Light, Color, Sound, Crystals and Aromatherapy” (Crossing Press, Berkeley: 2006) was the first book I read about healing modalities in our contemporary society. Gardner has combined 30 years of study, experience and exploration in a comprehensive overview. Each section of the book integrates a review of literature and Gardner’s experience applying the healing modality with clients. (more…)

World Sound Healing Day

Ripples waves beeFebruary 14, 2014 is the 12th annual World Sound Healing Day. It is a chance to join with others to send a healing heart tone to entrain our thoughts with Gaia. The link is and is a chance to set aside some time to create a coherent wave of intention and healing.

The three points of focus are: Heal our Planet; Heal our Waters; and Raise our Consciousness. As I wrote in the last blog entry, INTENTION is a key factor in all healing and an important aspect of this day. (more…)